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Indigenous Medicine: History of Crystal Healing and Spiritual Traditions


What is Crystal Healing?

Nature has so many essential tools to help us heal and stay centered in ourselves and crystals are one of them. In fact, Crystal Healing is a holistic healing technique that restores the mind, body and soul through cellular memory. If you look around, you may have noticed many people are using crystals as a means to support, to heal, and to protect their energy. Though it may seem like a "New Age" fad, crystal healing has been around since the ancient times and is one of the oldest forms of energy healing and protection.

How are Crystals formed?

Because crystals are formed by gases and minerals buried deep in the womb of mother earth, crystals were once considered "living beings" and "blood of earth.” Each crystal is unique in that it carries certain vibrations that serve as energy enhancer and space cleansers. The classification of crystals are based on their inner structure, rather than the minerals because though crystals can be made of the same minerals each type crystallizes differently forming various shapes that affect the way that the energy is focused.

How does Crystals Healing work?

Whenever we are experiencing energy blockages, we are essentially at a state of dis-order within ourselves and are more susceptible to manifest illness/dis-ease or emotional or mental imbalance or dis-stress. Healing with crystals means unifying the mind, body, and spirit back into harmony. They are effective energy healing tools because crystals neutralize negative energy and brings in more positive energy. The more we harmonize with crystals the more we open the cosmic doorway to our spiritual identity and expanded awareness.

The energetic forces that are encoded into the crystals are what induces higher levels of cellular energy. When  working with crystals, they take on an synergistic role with our bodies cellular memory. They carry instructions or healing energies that have the power to rewire or "turn off" destructive behavioral patterns from our genetic imprinting. They also play a huge role in activating and integrating those dormant DNA strands that are of higher vibrational energies from our light body form.

Healing with crystals requires us to build an intimate connection with the crystals we are working with. Knowing exactly where the internal organs are in relation to the energy meridians are what guide most healers. By placing crystals on certain regions of the body, we can attune our chakras to the crystal’s energy. This process works by resonance, so the vibration is easily transferred to our body to help repair and re-calibrate our energy to restore balance. Over time, these DNA activations stir up our bodies natural healing powers and allows us to shift into another energetic dimension where we feel lighter and see life from a fresh new perspective.

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