Oracle School of Herbal Education


The Healing Oracle School of Herbal Education was founded in 2021 and encompasses both the science and art of herbal medicine. It is anchored in the principles of Indigenous wisdom, affinity with the earth, and spiritual healing. We provide quality education programs for children, communities, and individuals to spark the remembrance of earth within.

Herbalist Training

The 4-Month Herbalist Training Program is a pathway for aspiring herbalist, healers, and those who want to weave themselves into a web of ancestral traditions. La'Camera created this program to impart wisdom of the ancient world that has the power to expand your awareness of self, earth, and transform the way you relate to world of plants.

Module 1: Foundation of Herbal Medicine
History of Plant Medicine

 Explore the rich history of herbalism. Unearth the sacred healing wonders of 25 native plants that will raise your awareness, and deepen your kinship with plants to build your herbal knowledge foundation.

Modulel 2: Spiritual Relationship
Relationship with plant

 Learn to communion with plants and see with them as gifts that support our spirit. Discover the subtle ways they interact with the energy center to cleanse, protect, energize you, and restore health by invoking their healing abilities.

Module 3: Creating with Plants
Herbal Preparations

Gain experience building basic herbal formulas. You will explore safe and effective methods to work with herbs through their chemical and healing principles while creating your very own at home herbal apothecary.