La'Camera House

The Healing Oracle was brought into life in 2018 through a vision. It was an answer to a calling to serve my community by sharing earth's wisdom and to honor the traditional healing practices of my ancestors.

I am deeply guided with hope to help seed a future for our individual and collective healing and liberation. I know the value of sacred wisdom and what it brings to the community. In all my offerings, I strive to be a voice of justice for all, love, and a conduit for the voice of BIPOC people, and  the land spirits. I do the work to enlighten, to awaken, and educate our collective community spirit for health and food sovereignty. 


For the last 7 years, I've studied both western "Folk" and eastern traditional healing practices. I've hosted workshops, sacred sisterhood circles, and herbal education workshops to bridge the gap and be a portal to our roots in traditional healing. 


"Herbalizing the community" is a mission to help make traditional medicine accessible in Nashville, Tn and beyond. My line of herbal products resonate with my herb family and distant allies who represent a culturally diverse group of people nationwide.