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This School of Herbal Education is created with reverence of ancestral traditions, love of community and with purpose to you guide all those who seek healing in the natural world.

La'Camera is a natural-born traditional healer, diviner, spiritual teacher, and highly skilled practitioner of Herbal Medicine. She is the creator of The Healing Oracle Herbal Apothecary, Oracle Community Garden and founder of Oracle School of Herbal Education. Her traditional wisdom comes to us through ancestral voices, and relationship with the lands that truly reaches beyond her tender. She is the 2021 Winner of the Phila Award and a trusted source for plant spirit medicine and healing in Nashville, TN.

As an Afro-Indigenous medicine women, she truly embodies a wealth of ancient knowledge can and help you become a more informed about the sacred life of plants and confident as an practicing herbalist. Her teachings are truly transmissions of the supernatural world and her words gently move all who can receive them, closer to the spirit of earth.

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