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Herbal Consultation Services

If you're new to natural healing and herbal medicines deciding what plants you need to support you can be overwhelming. We have a team of wonderful Certified Herbalist who are here to support you.

We offer both Clinical Herbal recommendations & Spiritual Healing Tools through the lens of Ancient Wisdom, Traditional Healing, and Modern Science. We believe plants work best to support overall Mind, Body, and Soul Harmony when you can be guided to listen to your body's innate intelligence, and discover what it needs to start the healing process.

*We are not medicial doctors and will not offer medical advice. All herbal recommendations are centered on addressing your overall health concerns and matching you with plants or customizing quality formulas that can support your journey to wellness.


Clinical Herbal Consultation

Our Clinical Herbal Consultation Session consists of a 30-Minute One-on-One Session via Zoom or by phone call with one of our Certified Herbalist. Consultations are a

perfect place to start if you are looking for preventative health offerings specific to your individual or daily care needs. Herbalist will assess your lifesytle, daily habits, and recommend a specific Herbal Medicine from our apothecary or create a customized herbal formulations to help support and maintain flourishing health.



Spiritual Healing Consultation

Our Spiritual Healing Consultation

Session consists of a 1-Hour One-on-One Session via Zoom or by phone with our founding Herbalist/Healer. Spiritual Healing Consultations are effective for restorative health from a mind, body, and soul perspective. These are for more complex issues and are best for those who want to get to the root causes. Sessions consists of assessment, getting feedback, learning techniques to work with the spirit of plants that elicit awareness catalyze transformation for healing. 

PRICE $175

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