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Herbal Consultation

Deciding what plant helpers you need to support you through illness or life crisis can be stressful. With so many different herbal medicine options, I understand that you may need help figuring out what is best for your specific concerns.

Whether it's a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual problem, I am here to support you by matching you with the plants that can offer you the best restorative powers. Sometimes customized blends are better options and I honor that reality.

Consultations are one-on-one opportunities for us to hold a sacred space for you to safely share your overall health concerns. In light of you sharing,  one of our herbalist will ask about your daily habits, your family history, medications you are currently taking, and provide real time feedback.

Disclaimer: All herbal recommendations are 

Consultation Fee: $50
Cost for customized medicine are separate.

For more information about Herbal Consultations please submit your inquiry here. 

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