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Calendula Rose Skin Repair Serum

Calendula Rose Skin Repair Serum

Skin care just isn’t skin care without Calendula and Rose. This nourishing herbal body oil blend is perfect for all skin types and conditions.

This botanical infused oil is light weight and gives you a glow without the greasy look. A single drop is enough to illuminate your face or hands as it is infused in botanical oils, and essential oils.

Calendula is the healer while Rose does the beatification process. This herbal infused blend is heated to by sun light to ensure all healing properties of the plants are harvested in the highest quality oils. 

It can help smooth fine lines, diminish redness, hydrate and also rejuvenate damaged skin cells. Bring your glow back, shine with an even skin tone without blemishes with this amazing flower power combination.

All herbal skin care products are all handcrafted with the most potent medicinal herbs, oils, and natural ingredients from around the world. It is handcrafted with nontoxic ingredients to avoid harsh chemicals to provide a 100%  All Natural approach to Body, Hair, & Skin Care.

Ingredients: Calendula, Rose Petals, Argan Oil, jojoba Oil, Almond oil, Sunflower oil & Rose essential oil
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