Botanical Wonderland

A place where indigenous wisdom is a collection of plants and flowers that soothe and heal the mind and body.

Our Traditional Medicine woman bridges the sacred world of botanicals with the practical to educate, enlighten,  celebrate life, and share ancestral traditions. 

BIPOC Healing Garden 


We understand that we are living in times where many hear the call to return to the natural world, explore their roots, and learn about our ancestral spiritual traditions.

To help you get started on your path to ancestral healing, this Community Garden provides a therapeutic, fun, and educational growing experience for the entire family. 

We unite black, indigenous, and people of color for meaningful fellowship that brings nature's positive effects on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

​We welcome all ages and teach you the essentials you need to reset, restore, and transform your life.


This sacred space is a Community learning environment.


We offer the following Events & Workshops:


  • Harvest & Create (Tea Making)

  • Kid's Foraging Day at the Farm

  • Healing Yoga in the Garden

  • Meditation for Transformation

Family Gathering Events happen once a month. All participants will leave with Free harvested goods, a deeper connection to the spirit of the land, and the blessings of ancestors.

Community Spirit Medicine & Harvest Day
Jun 18, 5:30 PM
The Healing Oracle Community Garden
In reverence to the elements of Summer and it's Solar Energy, this event is to help you reignite your spiritual senses through Botanical Gardening.