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Emma Dupree Scholarship Fund

The Emma Dupree Scholarship Fund is a tribute to Black Herbalist and Traditional Healer Emma Dupree.


Ms. Emmas Dupree was a community herbalist. Born on July 4th, 1897, a natural healer, she grew up with parents who had been enslaved and lived to see the day freedom came. At a young age, Mrs. Dupree was a curious child, Growing up alongside the banks of Tar River in Pitt County, North Carolina, she explored, observed, tasted, and experienced as many plants as she could get her hands on. Over time, she became known as a "Community Rootworker" and would soon become an influential force in the medical world by sharing the healing powers of native plants and flowers with scientist.


In 1984, Emma received the Brown-Hudson Award from the North Carolina Folklore Society, which recognized her as an individual who made significant contributions to the field of herbal medicine. She was an asset to her small town, providing traditional healing medicine for trade or minimum costs. Throughout her life, Emma made an impact and touched the local community with a Root Doctor who knew the healing powers of the earth. A few years before her passing, she was also awarded the North Carolina Heritage Award, a lifetime achievement recognition for notable traditional folk artists in Pitts County. She has been featured in the press for her infamous interviews with Medical Professionals, and even scientists. At 94, Emma Dupree served as Grand Marshal in the Local Christmas Parade and died truly a Pitt County traditional healer.


BACKGROUND: The Scholarship Fund was established to honor traditional Healer Emma Dupree.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Scholarship was to benefit a black, indigenous, or person of color who could use financial aid to assist them in obtaining training in herbal medicine.


ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must provide demonstrated need for a scholarship. Award winners must be committed to Community Herbalism and finish the program to completion. Each award winner is required to submit a letter of intent in terms of why they want to be an herbalist.


CRITERIA: Applicants will be selected based on the following: Letter of Intent • Financial need 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Candidates must submit a completed application by November 29th.


Contribute and Support Black Herbalist's Education

  • Contributing to this work means being an ally in support of anti-racism, social. and economic injustice.

  • Contributing to this work is a service to the community that enables BIPOC a chance to root themselves in earth and reclaim their ancestral healing traditions and changes the narrative in the field and honors indigenous wisdom.

  • Contributing to this work is an acknowledgment of the systems intact that have displaced and continue to displace BIPOC from their communities through gentrification. It is honorable to be a contributor and to help be a beacon of light that supports a mission to return  Herbalism and Farming back into the heart and hands of our communities.

  • Joining a community-based movement towards repairing the perpetual effects colonization has on BIPOC is healing for our collective ancestors.

Emma Dupree Scholarship Fund

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