The Healing Oracle Community Garden located in Antioch, TN at Mill Ridge Community Farm. It is a sacred space for all ages that offers Gardening and Education Services.

This Garden is Not For Profit and provides Free Organic Food, Plant Medicine, and Traditional Healing centered around Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC).



 We grow with the intention to share the sacred wisdom of the earth and be a food and medicine source for BIPOC Community Volunteers, and Gardening Interns.


Together, we are committed to tending to the lands in solidarity, as we believe it creates opportunities for folk to come together to honor our ancestors, labor in love, learn how to grow food, and celebrate the harvests of demonstrated fellowship as stewards.


We do the work to awaken the community to nature's medicine. We offer quality Organic Herbs, Plant medicine, Herbal Education Programs, Community Herbalism, Online Courses, Classes, Workshops, Nature Walks, and More.




 In honor of the ancestors who once cultivated the lands, the greater vision encompasses land ownership. We envision a share of land that grants autonomy to build a Multi-Acre Community Farm and Healing Center centered around people of color.

This Vision encompasses a safe environment for folk to find solace in a collective community spirit, the freedom to grow, and heal with earth.

The Farm will include a BIPOC Holistic Healing Center, Healing Garden, Free Herbal Clinic, Membership CSA, and More.


Our Community Farm and its members will help maintain a Production Garden that can employ, train, and empower Black and Indigenous People of Color while producing and increasing access to culturally relevant food and plant medicine.